India- 2017
85 min

Directed by: Sanal Kumar Sasidharan
Script: Nill
DOP: Prathap Joseph
Cast: Rajshree Deshpandey, Vishnu Vedh, Sujeesh K S, Bilas Nair, Kannan Nair,
Arun Sol, Baiju Neto


Durga and Kabeer are running away on a midnight. They are waiting for a transport to the
nearest railway station to catch a train to a distant place. Two small time gangsters offer
assistance to the couple. On the same night, there is a huge festival happening at the village
temple where Goddess Durga is being worshipped: devotees are offering their body and mind to
please their Goddess.

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan graduated in Zoology and Law and started his job as a lawyer. Out of
his passion for cinema, in 2001, he formed a film society, Kazhcha Film Forum with his
colleagues, for making independent movies through crowd funding. He has directed three short
films and one feature film through crowd funding. He has won the Best Director Award in the
Kerala State Film Awards 2014 for his debut feature film Oraalppokkam. His second film, An
Off-Day Game has won the Best Film Award in the Kerala State Film Awards. It has also got
FIPRESCI Award for Best Malayalam Film in the International Film Festival of Kerala 2015.
Sexy Durga is his latest film.

Hivos Tiger Award, International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2017

Reel Suspects