Colombia- 2016
84 min

Directed by: Juan Sebastián Mesa
Script: Juan Sebastián Mesa
DOP: David Correa Franco
Cast: Maria Angélica Puerta, Luis Felipe Álzate, Maria Camila Castrillón, Alejandro
Pérez Ceferino, Esteban Alcaraz


Love, hate, broken promises and five friends meet in the streets of a hostile city. The nobodies,
young people united by wanderlust, find in street art and in punk music, the place of refuge and
an opportunity to escape.

Juan Sebastián Mesa was born in Medellín, Colombia in 1989. A photographer and co-founder
of Monociclo cine, he holds a degree in audiovisual communications with studies in
scriptwriting. He has directed several music and experimental videos. His short film Kalashnikov
(2013) was selected in numerous international film festivals.
The Nobodies is his first feature film.

Audience Award for Best Feature- International Film Critics’ Week, Venice International Film
Festival, 2016

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