Romania- 2017
100 min

Directed by: Anca Damian
Script: Anca Damian & Lia Bugnar
DOP: Oleg Mutu
Cast: Vlad Ivanov, Anghel Damian, Olimpia Melinte, Cristina Florea

Preview screening in Romania

Andrei, a young lawyer based in Bucharest, returns to his hometown, Cluj for his father’s funeral, a prominent judge and notorious womanizer. The suspicious circumstances of his parent’s death force him to start an investigation of his own. His growing obsession antagonizes his young stepmother, Elena and rattles the local legal community, silent witnesses of his father’s last night. An unexpected meeting with his high school sweetheart pushes his quest for the dangerous truths too far for his own good.

Anca Damian came to the attention of the public with her second feature film as director,
screenwriter and producer, Crulic – The Path to Beyond (2011) selected for 150 festivals and
awarded with more than 35 prizes. In Perfect Health, opening in Romanian theaters this fall, is
her fifth feature film project after Crossing Dates (2008), A Very Unsettled Summer (2013) and
The Magic Mountain (2015). Currently, she is involved in 2 projects in different stages of
production: Moon Hotel Kabul (feature) – in post-production and The Fantastic Journey of
Marona (animation) – in pre-production.