About the Festival

The Festival was initiated by the ANONIMUL Foundation, as it aimed to create a different kind of film festival, one for independent films and young directors.

ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival runs annually in August in Sfântu Gheorghe, the Danube Delta – a magical place where the Danube meets the Black Sea, a newly formed land that follows ancient customs.

Sfântu Gheorghe is an isolated location: far from one’s common environment, it is accessible only by air or by water, and it plays host to some 5000 people who visit it specifically for ANONIMUL each and every year in August.

It is a small village, with trails covered in sand, that keeps very many ancient customs, a magical place of unaltered beauty, a newly formed land for an event dedicated to the young, the free spirited, to encounters, debates and, ultimately, to dialogue.

“Film Village” is comprised of the Green Village Resort and the Green Dolphin Camping, and features all the amenities essential to hosting a film festival. Cinephiles can stay in guesthouses, tents or cabins, seeing films in the cinema during the day, and in the open air, on an enormous screen in the camping area throughout the night. The resort has an ECO-friendly design, and is thus perfectly coherent with the environment.

2023 edition


The 20th edition of ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival will take place from 14th to 20th August 2023 in Sfântu Gheorghe, the Danube Delta.


The awards for the feature and short competition are voted by the audience.