Opening Film

THE GRANDMASTER, directed by Wong Kar-wai, Hong Kong- China- USA, 2013
Preview screening in Romania



The seven titles put forward by our selector Ludmila Cvikova, Head of International Programming at the Doha Film Institute for the 10th ANONIMUL Feature Film Competition are:

, directed by Barmak Akram, Afghanistan- France, 2013
Screenwriting Award, Sundance Film Festival 2013


HARMONY LESSONS, directed by Emir Baigazin, Kazakhstan- Germany- France, 2013
Silver Bear for an outstanding artistic contribution in camera- Aziz Zhambakiyev, Berlinale 2013
Special Jury Mention, Tribeca 2013


THE MAJOR, directed by Yuri Bykov, Russia, 2013

Critics’ Week, Cannes 2013
Horizons, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2013


A FALLIBLE GIRL, directed by Conrad Clark, UK- China, 2012
Best Feature Film – 2nd Prize, Gulf Film Festival- Dubai, 2013


MY DOG KILLER, directed by Mira Fornay, Slovakia- Czech Republic, 2013

Hivos Tiger Award, Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2013


MATEI CHILD MINER, directed by Alexandra Gulea, Romania- Germany-France, 2013
Lino Miccichè Award and Pesaro Cinema Giovane Award, Pesaro International Film Festival, 2013


TALL AS THE BAOBAB TREE, directed by Jeremy Teicher Senegal-USA, 2012

Best Feature Narrative award from the Doha-Giffoni jury, Doha-Tribeca Film Festival 2012



  • HIJACKER, directed by Danilov Aleksandr, Russia
  • DOOD VAN EEN SCHADUW/ DEATH OF A SHADOW, directed by Tom Van Avermaet, Belgium- France
  • PELUQUERO FUTBOLERO/ HOOLIGAN HAIRDRESSER, directed by Juan Manuel Aragón, Spain
  • NE MENSHE 50 KG/ NOT LESS THAN 50 KG, directed by Maryna Artemenko, Ukraine
  • LA VOIX DE KATE MOSS/ KATE MOSS’ VOICE, directed by Margaux Bonhomme, France
  • KOLYA-KOLYA, directed by Kolesov Konstantin& Baykov Boris, Russia
  • THE ONLY BAR IN TOWN, directed by Adam Budd, Canada
  • DIE LETZTE GRENZE/ THE LAST BORDER, directed by Daniel Butterworth, Germany
  • MARCELLO, directed by Francesca Coticoni, Italy
  • BAD PENNY, directed by Andrei Creţulescu, Romania
  • STEW& PUNCH, directed by Simon Ellis, UK
  • PASTILA FERICIRII/ THE PILL OF HAPPINESS, directed by Cecilia Felmeri, Romania
  • ALINA, directed by Dukarev German, Russia
  • LE COQUELICOT/ THE POPPY, directed by Fabien Giurgiu, France
  • WASTE, directed by Anton Groves, Romania
  • REHEARSAL, directed by Agnes Guilbault, Spain
  • MISTERIO/ MISTERY, directed by Chema García Ibarra, Spain
  • PRIETENIE, BAR�?TS�?G/ FRIENDSHIP, FRIENDSHIP, directed by Rusu Ionuţ, Romania
  • TATTOO, directed by Aldo Iuliano, Italy
  • TILL DEATH DO US PART, directed by Julian Lara, USA
  • DREAMING APECAR, directed by Dario Samuele Leone, Italy
  • DIRECTED BY, directed by Alban Mench, France
  • TUNS, RAS ŞI FREZAT/ HALF SHAVED, directed by Bogdan Mureşanu, Romania
  • GREY, directed by Hassan Neamah, Egypt
  • THE TREE OF PAN, directed by Aitken Pearson, Portugal
  • VACA FINLANDEZĂ/ THE FINNISH COW, directed by Gheorghe Preda, Romania
  • SHAME AND GLASSES, directed by Alessandro Riconda, Italy
  • POOL, directed by Juan Del Rio, Spain
  • EN PLAN ROM�?NTICO/ ROMANTIC AS I AM, directed by Peris Romano, Spain
  • SECOND VOICE, directed by Daniel Sandu, Romania
  • �?ANȚUL/ THE DITCH, directed by Adrian Silişteanu, Romania
  • UN BEAU MATIN/ ONE FINE MORNING, directed by Slony Sow, France
  • THE BEST JOB, directed by AnastaSia Titova& Kateryna Shevchenco, Ukraine- Russia
  • CLAUDIU ŞI CRAPII/ CLAUDIU& THE FISH, directed by Andrei T�?nase, Germany- Romania
  • ROBOKROLIK/ ROBORABBIT, directed by Sergey Tsyss, Russia
  • ORDINARY FAMILY STORY, directed by Sergey Velikoredchanin, Russia
  • ZIMMER 606/ ROOM 606, directed by Peter Volkart, Switzerland
  • LA MULŢI ANI!, directed by Armine Vosganian, Romania
  • SEIN KAMPF, directed by Jakob Zapf, Germany


  • CREAMEN, directed by Esther Casas, Spain- USA
  • COMME DES LAPINS (Chroniques de la poisse, chap. 2)/ LIKE RABBITS (Sticky Ends, chap. 2), directed by Osman Cerfon, France
  • MICHAEL POLLAN’S FOOD RULES, directed by Marija Jacimovic& Benoit Detalle, Serbia
  • ED., directed by Gabriel Garcia, Brazil
  • ZWEIBETTZIMMER/ DOUBLE OCCUPANCY, directed by Fabian Giessler, Germany
  • STRINGS, directed by Tal Arbiv& Lior Golan, Israel
  • JAMÓN/ JAMON, directed by Iria López, UK
  • UŞOR POATE ORICINE/ EASY IS FOR ANYONE, directed by Paul Mureşan, Romania
  • ORIGAMI, directed by David Pavon, Spain
  • EMILIE, directed by Olivier Pesch, Luxemburg
  • TARAZOO/ SCALE, directed by Ramin Rahbar, Iran
  • DEER VALYA, directed by Djalil Rizvanov, Russia
  • 2 (DOI)/ 2 (TWO), directed by Ilinca Šeda, Romania
  • ALFRED Y ANNA/ ALFRED& ANNA, directed by Juanma Suárez, Spain
  • SHAVE IT, directed by Fernando Maldonado& Jorge Tereso, Argentina
  • UN EVENIMENT NEASTEPTAT/ AN UNEXPECTED EVENT, directed by Monica Vinogradov, Romania
  • DJI. DEATH FAILS, directed by Dmitri Voloshin, Moldova
  • BEAR ME, directed by Kasia Wilk, Germany- Poland
  • PROJECT K-9, directed by Francisco J. Cabrera, Alicia Esteban, Elsa Esteban, Juan E. Forero, Victoria González, Adrián Parra, Iria Salgado, Pablo Serrano, Huijun Shen, Spain


  • YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, directed by Morgan Spurlock

  • FIRE WITH FIRE, directed by Ross Kauffman

  • MUSHROOM MAN, directed by Leslie Iwerks

  • DISPLAIR, directed by Victor Kossakovsky

  • SPEAKING WITH LIGHT, directed by Alex Gibney

  • MEET MR. TOILET, directed by Jessica Yu

  • THE LANDFILL, directed by Jessica Edwards & Gary Hustwit

  • THE INVISIBLE BICYCLE HELMET, directed by Fredrik Gertten

  • THE CLEANEST PIG, directed by David White & Paul Wedel

  • TECHISTAN, directed by Senain Kheshgi

  • THE HONOR CODE, directed by Katy Chevigny

  • OPERATION FREE LUNCH, directed by Lixin Fan

  • GOOD BREAD, directed by Eddie Schmidt

  • REMOTE AREA MEDICAL, directed by Jeff Reichert & Farihah Zaman

  • NEW GIFT, directed by Supriyo Sen

  • HEART STOP BEATING, directed by Jeremiah Zagar

  • EMERGENCY, directed by Kief Davidson

  • THE BIONIC EYE, directed by Steven Cantor

  • PANMELA CASTRO, directed by Heloisa Passos

  • THE MUSIC MAN, directed by Steve James

  • ALL HAIL THE BEAT, directed by Nelson George

  • THE CONTENDERS, directed by Lucy Walker

  • ROBOT, directed by Liz Garbus

  • IN YOUR HEAD, directed by Petra Epperlein & Michael Tucker

  • THE AUTO-TUNE EFFECT, directed by Stanley Nelson

  • SOLAR ROADWAYS, directed by Michele Ohayon

  • NEWTOWN CREEK DIGESTER EGGS, directed by David W. Leitner

  • THE SECRET OF TREES, directed by Albert Maysles

  • THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT, directed by Annie Sundberg & Ricki Stern

  • HILARY’S STRAWS, directed by Phil Cox

  • Series screened in Romania courtesy of cinelan.


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The awards for the feature and short competition will be voted by the audience.

See you in the Delta, at ANONIMUL.