ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival, the ninth edition, will take place between 6th and 12th of August 2012, in Sfantu Gheorghe, Danube Delta, Romania.

The Festival is an annual event, competitive, non-specialized, organized by Anonimul Foundation.

The Festival has:
three competitive sections
1. feature competition

2. fiction short competition

3. animation short competition
*there is no submission fee
* the audience will award the prizes BY VOTE ONLY

and non-competitive programs

International Panorama – feature films awarded in Film Festivals that year, homage, tributes, screening of Romanian recent feature and short films, special screenings on ecology & global issues, special programs, debates audience – film crews – film critics – guests.

General conditions feature section
1. a number of 7 features will enter the final competition according to the Festival selector list;

2. only features produced after 1st of January 2011 will enter the selection;
3. the screening will be made on print 35mm. Only for the originally video filmed features, the screening will be on video;

4. each feature will be represented during the Festival by the director / producer / actor / actress, with all costs related beard by Anonimul Foundation (transport, accommodation);

General conditions fiction and animation short section
1. the fiction shorts & animation shorts will enter the final competition based on the selection made by Festival selection team;
2. only films that meet the following conditions will be accepted for selection:
– the film is produced after 1st of January 2011;
– the film should not exceed 20 minutes in length;
– the film is subtitled in English, unless the dialogue is in English.

3. all entries for fiction and animation short section will go through selection, unless a special waiver was granted by the Festival;

4. the screening will be made on: BETA (SP, SX, Digital), DVCAM, DVD;

5. the Festival invites 1 representative of each film accepted in the competition (director / producer / writer / actor) to the Festival, with costs related to accommodation during the Festival and internal transportation Bucharest – Sfantu Gheorghe beard by Anonimul Foundation.
**For direct entries in one of the competitive sections of the Festival – feature, fiction and animation short – the DVD together with the entry form, a still from the film, the director’s photo and the dialogue list must reach the Festival before 1st of June 2012. The DVD will be sent mentioning “For cultural use only. No commercial value”. The DVD and the additional materials will not be returned.

Film shipping
1. the print or the BETA should reach the Festival on 27th of July 2012 at THE LATEST.
In case this deadline is crossed, the film will be replaced.

The print or the BETA will be sent to the Festival prepaid by the contributor.

The print or the BETA will be sent together with a proforma invoice with the following mentions by normal post or by courier:
“No commercial value. For cultural purpose only”
the value on the invoice should not exceed 10 Euros

Films sent by AIR CARGO will not be accepted due to custom procedure difficulties.

The Festival address is:
3-5 Natiunile Unite Square, bl B2, Ground Floor, code 040012, sector 4, Bucharest, Romania
Tel: 004021 230 16 93 / Fax: 004021 230 12 98

2. returning the prints:

– the Festival covers the expenses for returning the print or the BETA to the address specified in the entry form or to another address if only notified before the beginning of the Festival;
– the print or the BETA will be returned up to September, 10th, 2012;

3. the Festival covers the insurance of the print or the BETA during its stay in Romania.


1. the screening order of the films is decided by the Festival;

2. a submitted film cannot be withdrawn afterwards;
3. the Festival has the right to screen the films in competition four times during the Festival;

4. the Festival has the right to use parts of the films in competition for promotion (max. 3’);


The audience will award the following BY VOTE:

Best Feature USD 3,000 + ANONIMUL Trophy

Best Fiction Short USD 1,000

Best Animation Short USD 1,000

Ovidiu Bose Pastina Award USD 1,000

Sending a signed entry form to the Festival, by e-mail or by post, implies the agreement of the contributor to the Festival regulations for the ninth edition of ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival.