The 7 titles proposed by selector Ludmila Cvikova (selector for the Rotterdam Film Festival and Artistic Director of Artfilm, Slovakia) for the feature competition are: 

The Wave by Dennis Gansel (Germany)

Help Me Eros by Lee Kang-sheng (Taiwan)

Egg by Semih Kapanoglu (Turkey)


Boogie by Radu Muntean (Romania)

Silent Night by Carlos Reygadas (Mexic) – Carlos Reygadas’ movie Battle in Heaven participated in the feature competition of the Anonimul Film Festival in 2006.


Lemon Tree by Eran Riklis (Israel)


It’s Hard to Be Nice by Srdjan Vuletic (Bosnia) – Srdjan Vuletic won Best Script within the first edition of the Anonimul Film Festival with his film Summer in the Golden Valley.


For the fifth edition of ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival, a number of 300 short films (both fiction and animation) from 41 countries were submitted for consideration. 26 of them were Romanian productions. The Romanian film critic Irina Margareta Nistor, along with this year’s festival selector, Ludmila Cvikova, selected 72 short films to be presented to the audience.
Saga by Achim Gabriel (Romania)
Interior. Scara de bloc / Interior. Block of Flats Hallway by Alexandrescu Ciprian (Romania)

O zi bună! / What a Great Day by Apostol Cătălin (Romania) 

Made in Japan byAudbaj Ciro (Spain) 

L’Inganno / The Trick by Balbi Davide (Italy)
Sexy Piece of Plastic by Barseti Razvan (Romania)
Auto Stop / Stop!  by Ben Allal Nassim (France)
Rien Ne Va Plus by Bindschedler Gregory  (Switzerland)
A Xinecologa / The Gynaecologist by Camarero Alfonso (Spain)
Alumbramiento / Lightborne by Chapero-Jackson Eduardo (Spain)
Bomboane de ciocolată by Chelu Sebastian (Romania)
Haze by Chen Anthony (Singapore)
Efectul Coco Chanel / The Coco Chanel  Effect by Constantin Mircea (Romania)
The Heist by Cooley Campbell (New Zealand)
La Saint Festin / Saint Feast Day by Daffis Anne Laure  & Leo Marchand (France)
Sur la terre comme au ciel / On Earth as it is in Heaven by Demers Herve (Canada)
La Vita Nuova by Demuynck Arnaud & Christophe Gautry (France, Belgium)
Bad Habit, Little Rabbit by Effenberger Christian (Germany)
True Colors by Elliot Barney (UK)
Taxi? by Esnal Telmo (Spain)
Double Talk by Ezri Julien (Switzerland)
Muli by Farsad Marjan (Iran)
Porque hay cosas que nunca se olvidan/ Because there are things you never forget by Figueroa Lucas (Spain)
No hagas el amore en primavera/ Never Make Love in the Spring Time by Font Celina (Argentina)
The Bugs and the Fleas by Friren Helene (UK, Netherlands)
Schrodinger’s Dog by Gallob Doug (USA)
Pana / Flat Tyre by Ghiţeanu Razvan (Romania)
Hungry God by Gokhale-Bhonde Sukhada (India, USA)
The Interior Monologue of Gill the Goldfish by Goodall Jim (Canada)
Poor Yorick by Gordeev Sergey (Russia)
Unlith by Grecu Mihai (France)
Dar Khaneye Ma / Our house by Kashkouli Nia Maryam (Iran)
Wall and Me by Kawasaki Kyoko (Japan)
Procrastination by Kelly Johnny (UK)
Mushroom’s Chocolate by  Koizumi Masae  (Japan)
La Suedese / The Swedish Woman by Liguori Nicolas (France, Belgium)
Ergo by M. Toth Geza (Hungary)
Ştii tu by Marghidan Liviu (Romania)
Test by Mateo Natalia& Marta Aledo (Spain)
Căpşuni în aprilie by Mihalache Cornel (Romania)
Zoologic by Mitchell Nicole (USA)
Procura – se amigo / Friend Wanted by Moreira Vitor (Portugal)
Dolores by Moreno Manuela (Spain)
Legadema by Negoescu Cristian (Romania)
Radu + Ana by Negoescu Paul (Romania)
Let’s there be Light  by Niemczycki Krzysztof (Poland)
Detras de las Cosas by Novelinno Antonello (Spain)
Tomorrow Might Not Come by Ofgang Idan (Israel)
Filmele mele nefăcute/ My undone school movies by Pervolovici Eva (Romania)
Mon petit frère de la lune / My little brother from the moon by Philibert Frederic (France)
Hot Dog by Plympton Bill (USA)


Faţa galbenă care râde / The Yellow Smiley Face by Popescu Constantin (Romania)


Uno scippo / A bag-snatch by Postiglione Alfonso (Italy)
Ciao Tesoro / Bye Bye Darling by Procopio Amedeo (Italy)
Schafmatt / Sheep Checkmate by Radl Albert (Germany)
Ştefan by Radu Stanca (Romania)
L’Altra Storia / The Other Story by Rape Aldo & Nicola Vero (Italy)
Café com Leite / You, Me and Him by Ribeiro Daniel (Brazil)
Catharsis by Sanchez Chamorro Daniel (Spain)
Styri / Four by Sebestova Ivana (Slovakia)
Arhimed by Simonovic Miroslav (Serbia)
The Girl in Red Sarong by Sing Jeremy (Singapore)
La Drumul Mare / Life’s Hard by Sîrbu Gabriel (Romania)
14 Februarie / The Love Marketing by Sota Andrei (Romania)
Vacanţă la ţară / Holiday in the Countryside by Stanescu Alexandru (Romania)
Cat – Man – Do by Tofield Simon (UK)
Tram Est-Vest by Topirceanu Claudia (Romania)
Sinopsis Docu-Drama / Synopsis Docu – Drama by Trandafir Vlad (Romania)
Pe acelaşi drum / On the Same Road by Tudor Adrian (Romania)
Cosita Linda / Pretty Little Thing by Urdaeilleta Fernando (Mexico)
Next Floor by Villeneuve Denis(Canada)
Los Hombres y el rio / The Men and the River by Zúñiga Hidalgo Omar (Chile)