Romania- 2018
89 min

Directed by: Vlad Zamfirescu
Script: Alexandru Popa
DOP: Cătălin Simioana
Cast: Vlad Zamfirescu, Irina Velcescu, Theo Marton

Two friends, caught in a criminal game, discover that the happiness of one of them is possible only at the expense of the other one’s misery. Because the resources of happiness are limited.
The action unfolds in Toma’s (Vlad Zamfirescu) house, who found out recently that his wife,
Ana (Irina Velcescu) cheated on him with his best friend, David (Theo Marton). Advocating opportunities as bizarre as they are nevertheless possible, Toma pushes his wife and friend towards situations on the edge of the absurd, driven by his wish to uncover the secrets that the two guard so jealously. Humour, friendship, treason, sexual tension, lucid revenge. And the secret of happiness.

Known for his roles in theatre- at present he plays in over 20 plays in Bucharest and in the
country, television and cinema- Stare de Fapt (1995), Italiencele (2004), Restul e Tăcere (2007) , Vlad Zamfirescu, actor Florin Zamfirescu’s son, went behind the camera for The Secret of Happiness.

Romanian Days, Transilvania International Film Festival, 2018