Israel- Germany- France- 2017
94 min

Directed by: Hagar Ben Asher
Script: Hagar Ben Asher
DOP: Amit Yasour
Cast: Lihi Kornovsky, Ronald Zehrfeld, Sendi Bar

Alex is abandoned by her mother without a word. Left to fend for herself and with financial debt to cover, her home is raided by thieves. Alex, trying to escape reality, searches for human proximity by invading houses herself as a burglar, thus finding life, passion and love.

Actress and director Hagar Ben Asher, born in 1979 in Israel, was educated at the Minshar
School of Art in Tel Aviv. Her short graduation film Pathways, which she wrote, directed and
played a role in, premiered in 2007 at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2011, her first feature film
The Slut likewise had its premiere in Cannes.
The Burglar is her second feature.

Hivos Tiger Competition, International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2017

The Match Factory