5 MINUTE, Regie: Dan Chișu

România – 2019
106 min

Directed by: Dan Chișu
Script: Dan Chișu
DOP: Adrian Silișteanu RSC
Cast: Diana Cavallioti, Mihai Călin, Emanuel Pârvu, Elvira Deatcu, Anghel Damian

In a cinema in Bucharest a controversial film about a lesbian couple is being screened. Shortly after the film has begun, a few spectators got up and violently protested the LGBT community attending the screening. The press accused the gendarmes of not having intervened to stop the conflict that got a young man badly hurt and into the hospital.
The film focuses on the man leading the gendarmes (Nicu Holban), following an investigation by Liliana Calomfir, a young journalist known for her edgy investigative stories.

Warsaw International Film Festival 2019