Romania, Belgium- 2020
110 min

Directed by: Ruxandra Ghițescu
Script: Ruxandra Ghițescu
DOP: Ana Drăghici
Cast: Ioana Bugarin, Ioana Flora, Iulian Postelnicu, Mihaela Sîrbu, Ana Radu, Constantin Drăgănescu

Otto, a bright teenage punk, must deal with the loss of his girlfriend. He continues to live inhabiting the void space left by her, but, in order to survive, he needs to face his loss and his guilt, in the company of his music and distanced from his regular friends.

European Film Festival, Singapore (2020)
Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2020)
CinEast, Luxembourg (2020)
Cottbus Film Festival, U18 Youth Film Competition, Germany (2020)
Romanian Film Festival – Munich Filmmuseum, Germany (2020)
Romanian Film Festival – Seattle, USA (2020)
Festival of Romanian Films in Chicago, USA (2020)
Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest, Romania (2020)
International Film Festival of India, Goa (2021)
Transilvania International Film Festival, Romanian Days, Romania (2021)