USA – 2021
90 min

Directed by: Robin Wright
Script: Jesse Chatham, Erin Dignam
Cast: Robin Wright, Demian Bechir

When Edee’s life is tragically altered, she loses the ability to connect with the world and people she once knew. She retreats to a forest in the Rocky Mountains with a few supplies and leaves her old life behind indefinitely. The beauty of her new surroundings is undeniable yet quickly humbling as she struggles to adjust and prepare for the winter ahead.

LAND is the debut feature directed by actress Robin Wright, well known for her playing Claire Underwood in the House of Cards series (2013-2018). Wright was nominated several times for both Emmy Awards and the Golden Globes, for her role in House of Cards and Forest Gump (1995).

Sundance International Film Festival 2021

Premiering in Romania

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