Portugal- 2018
95 min

Directed by: Filipa Reis & João Miller Guerra
Script: Pedro Pinho & João Miller Guerra
DOP: Vasco Viana
Cast: Miguel Moreira

Miguel Moreira, also known as Tibars, also known as Djon África, learns that genetics can be cruel when his physiognomy- as well as some of his strong personality traits- denounce him straightaway as his father’s son; someone he has never known. This intriguing discovery leads him to try to find out who this man is. All he knows about him is what his grandmother, with whom he has always lived, has told him. A raving curiosity makes him decide to go look for him.

Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra live and work together in Lisbon. They direct documentaries since 2010, which were exhibited and awarded in national and international festivals such as Cinéma du Réel, IDFA, DokLeipzig, Bordocs, forumdoc.bh, Festival dei Popoli, Doclisboa, Olhar de Cinema, Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife, FIDBA, Indie Lisboa, and others.
In 2008 they founded Vende-se Filmes, where they develop television projects and, simultaneously, their work of cinema under the name Uma Pedra no Sapato.

Hivos Tiger Competition, International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2018

Still Moving