2007 Edition »Films

Feature Film Competition

THE BANISHMENT, by Andrei Zviaghintsev (Rusia)

CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ (NESFARSIT), by Cristian Nemescu (Romania)

FLANDERS, by Bruno Dumont (Franta)

FOUR MINUTES, by Chris Kraus (Germania)

INTERVIEW, by Steve Buscemi (SUA)

LONDON TO BRIGHTON, by Paul Andrew Williams (Marea Britanie)

MY BROTHER IS AN ONLY CHILD, by Daniele Luchetti (Italia)

MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED, by Jean-Stephane Bron (Elvetia)

TUYA’S MARRIAGE, by Quanan Wang (China)


A very small trilogy of loneliness, by Bogdan George Apetri (Romania)
Before the wind blows, by Samer Najari (Canada)
Below the silence, by Piotr Ryczko (Poland)
Benelux, by Gonzalo Munilla (Spain)
The boxing lesson,  by Alexandru Mavrodineanu (Romania)
Carpa Diem, by Sergio Cannella (Italy)
The Clearing, by Helen Watkins (Great Britain)
Dad, by Daniel Mulloy (Great Britain)
Dawn, by Dave McKean (Great Britain)
Dreamtime, by Tom Vant Avermaet (Belgium)
Fish Attack!, by Nicolas Neuhold (Austria)
Gaze, by Suraj Duwarah (India)
The good should also have limits, by Gabriel Achim (Romania)
Grandma, by Anthony Chen (Singapore)
Great & Small, by Alex H. Barrett (Great Britain)
The guest room, by Ana Guevara & Leticia Jorge (Uruguay)
Home, by Paul Negoescu (Romania)
Induction, by Nicolas Provost (Belgium)
Infrared, by Lionel Mouglin (France)
It doesn’t rain on a day like this, by Nima Abbaspour (Iran)
Ludoterapia, by Leon Siminiani (Spain)
Make a wish, by Cherien Dabis (Palestine)
Maquina, by Gabe Ibanez (Spain)
My sister, by Marco van Geffen (The Netherlands)
New Order, by Gregory Bindschedler, Jean Daniel Schneider & Antonio De Sousa (Switzerland)
Penis envy, by Marjo Viitala (Finland)
Pick Up, by Manuel Shapira (France)
Sandpit # 186, by Adina Pintilie & George Chiper (Romania)
Save the world, by David Casals – Roma (Great Britain & Spain)
Sayuru and Kiyumi, by Satoru Sugita (Japan)
Spotlight, by Jong-Suk Park (Australia)
The T-shirt, by Hossein Martin Fazeli (Czech Republic)
Three experiments, by Matt Brownsword (Great Britain)
Three travellers, by Jan Thuring (Germany)
Tripe and onions, by Marton Szirmai (Hungary)
Un certain regard, by Mario Tani (Italy)


Adjustment, by Ian Mackinnon (Great Britain)
A group of friends,  by Ruud Vrugt  (The Netherland)
A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do, by Harald Schleicher (Germany)
The ballad of Mary Slade, by Robin Fuller (Great Britain)
Colorful EU, by Peter Vadocz (Hungary)
The Danish Poet, by Torill Kove (Norway & Canada)
Deviation, by Jon Griggs (USA)
Guide dog, by Bill Plympton (USA)
Herzog and the Monsters, by Lesley Barnes (Scotland & Great Britain)
Infinite justice, by Karl Tebbe (Germany)
The irresistible smile, by Ami Lindholm  (Finland)
Mother, by Christoph Steger (Great Britain)
Public spaces, by Martijn Veldhoen (The Netherland)
Soldier, by David Peros Bonnot (Croatia)
Surgery, by Alberto González Vázquez (Spain)
The tale of how, by The Blackheart Gang (South Africa)
t.o.m., by Tom Brown & Daniel Gray (Great Britain)
Tyger, by Guilherme Marcondes  (Brazil)