2005 Edition » Press


By Alexandra Olivotto
“Cotidianul”, August, 17th, 2005

The famous Delta mosquitoes did not succeed in bothering the Opening of the second edition of Anonimul Festival. Set in a fishing style, with the juries on a boat stranded on the sand, the ceremony filled up the open-air cinema.

Marcel Iures, the president of the Festival, Miruna Berescu, its director and Peter Greenaway spoke in the opening of the Festival ANONIMUL on 15th of August. Greenaway said that Sf. Gheorghe is a bizarre, but ideal location for his bizarre movies. These short speeches were followed by a choir of peasant women and spectacular little boats floating with screens on. Open-air screenings of the two first parts of Tulse Luper Suitcases followed these events. In the second one Marcel Iures plays the part of the German general Foestling. The screenings were split by a conversation Greenaway-audience. During the screening, Peter Greenaway, who doesn’t stand to see again his own movies talked to anybody willing to ask him questions.
The director knew about Enescu, Brancusi, Cioran and Ionesco. About the last one, he said, in his provocative style, that he is overrated. During the next day lecture, the director described his professional path, talking about the influences and the principles on the film theory that he observes. These can be reduced to the slogan Greenaway repeated during his dialogue with the audience: “The cinema is dead, long live the cinema”.

By Oana Botezatu
“Evenimentul zilei”, August, 20th, 2005

Anonimul Festival, whose competitive part ended yesterday, could offer the alternative to the Hollywood blockbusters

The competitive part of Anonimul International Film Festival ended yesterday in the Delta. Under the slogan “Let’s save the independent film, a species under threat of extinction”, the competition attracted cinema fans from all over the world.
More than 90 films from USA, France, Denmark, UK, Germany, Russia, Italy or Ireland had been screened for four days in the Cinema Village.
Romania was represented in the competition by Adina Pintilie’s documentary “Nea Pintea” model and 6 shorts, one a German co-production “Bucuresti-Berlin”, directed by Anca Ionescu.
The Festival ended with a 15-minute concert by the violinist Alexandru Balanescu and a 10-minute fire-work.

By Oana Botezatu
“Evenimentul zilei”, August, 18th, 2005

The experts unanimously agreed that the Festival is a first-class one. “The level is very high and I am very happy to be here and to see so many movies”, Maia Morgenstern said.

By Magda Mihailescu
“Gandul”, August, 18th, 2005

Since fall last year, Peter Greenaway sweetened his opinions on the cinema fate. In November, at Thessaloniki Film Festival, his first words at the meeting with the press and film fans at his Master Class were: “the cinema is dead”. Now, in the Delta, at Sf. Gheorghe, the guest of honor added: “we can say – he reminded – that the cinema is dead, long live the cinema!”. I assume that his last stops at film Festivals turned him more optimistic. When you see that not only the professionals but young people in the camping where the open-air screen is (almost 3,000) stay up to 4 in the morning to watch your film “The Tulse Luper Suitcases” you don’t really feel like playing chants, even on a charming tone. Anonimul changed as well lately. Open to some of the criticisms and comments after the first edition, this time, the Festival opened the door for the young people willing to see the Festival events, to watch the films. The Opening took place in the middle of them and not in one of the halls with a small number of seats. But even here, in the three halls, the students, the film fans have access along with the juries, the press and the other guests. Despite its relative isolation, the Festival is not denied, as thought, the chance to become a popular one, as a specific structural theme is consolidating.


By Iulia Blaga
“Romania libera”, August, 22nd, 2005

And yet another edition of Anonimul is gone. An edition, the second, put under the sign of turtles, since two of the films had “turtles” in their title “Turtles Can Fly” and “Tartarughe sul dorso”, one Iranian, the other Italian, both being part of the feature competition. The first was also the big winner of this edition, charming both the Jury (The Festival Trophy was awarded to the film) and the audience in the camping (the film was voted as the best feature seen at the open-air cinema).
Who couldn’t come in the Delta during the Festival has a chance to see the movies during the retrospective already started in Sfantu Gheorghe up to 4th of September. If last year we complained about the gap between the halls in the Cinema Complex and the camping, this year the distance was annulled. The Opening and the Closing ceremonies took place in the camping, and I don’t think the people in camping had any reason to envy the guests in the halls. The Festival team, led by Marcel Iures and Miruna Berescu worked promptly and efficiently. As a conclusion, we are waiting for the third edition.