2005 Edition Opinions

Though I suppose I involve myself in cinema, I’m often more fascinated by cinema language than what it actually pretends or hopes to do, so I’m also curious about trying to take a rather narrow idea of what cinema is out of those traditional conventional spaces.
And here we have all sorts of ongoing activities which would certainly support all those notions. First of all we are in the open air, we are surrounded by an extraordinary landscape and I feel, I don’t know if it is absolutely justified, to be a long, long way away from those proscribed places, which have a cinematic association. I think my films are also very English and they are very much about the English landscape and it’s a great enjoyment to somehow posit this notion of this cinematic activity in this almost wild landscape. And also when I saw three ships rather like Volga boats coming down almost in Russian water, the first one having a screen of the Charlie Chaplin movie, the second one being associated to Citizen Kane, a great classic of American narrative cinema.

Peter Greenaway, UK – Guest of honor 2005

To find yourself at the second edition of ANONIMUL IFF and to have as the guest of honor a name like Peter Greenaway is fascinating but dangerous in the same time, because it carries you to a certain zone. Greenaway, as big as he is, could breathe in an entire festival, he could breathe us all in. Upwards, obviously.

Marcel Iures – Festival President

I was thrilled to come to this Festival, though, with a hidden thought, actually a fear? A fear that a gap could appear between films in the festival and the audience taste, which is mostly disregarded if not completely ignored.
I was happy to discover here audience with big film appetency and interest and to find out that, in this case, my fear was totally unjustified.
ANONIMUL is a very ambitious festival, and this is how it should be, it is a high level Festival, a sincere and consistent one.

Maia Morgenstern, Romania – Feature Jury President 2005

It is absolutely not about tourism mixed with a film festival. It is a film festival located here, which is quite unusual. But we believe this land, which is the newest in Europe, has some energies that we might take advantage of and maybe, some other people could take advantage of as well.
We believe in the power of this place to open discussions, debates, friendships and we are still looking for co-productions at the very end of this “relationship” and we really believe in the idea of people coming from all over the country especially for the Festival.

Miruna Berescu – Festival Director

I personally enjoyed the festival very much and I really think that it can become a very special project, which can enhance the interest in Romania.

Ilana Tsur, Israel – President of the Documentary Jury

Mr. Ghobadi has personally asked me to thank you and the members of the jury for this kind and generous prize, he is sincerely so pleased to be receiving.  He is especially thrilled for the Audience award and would like to thank them for choosing Turtles Can Fly as their favorite.  Please Be positive that the award money is a great help for the children of the film and would be enormous support for Mr. Ghobadi to continue his activities for improving their lives. Once again I would like to thank you for your support, generosity and consideration.

from Mij Film, on behalf of Bahman Ghobadi, Iran – Director Turtles Can Fly / ANONIMUL Trophy and Audience Award 2005

I’m absolutely delighted and want to thank you all for choosing the film and for giving it a chance to be seen by a Romanian audience.

Lenny Abrahamson, Ireland – Director Adam & Paul / Best Director and Special Mention for the leading actors 2005

The warnnes and kindness of all the crew of the Festival was totally unexpected and welcomed. The program was really interesting, and everything happened as it was schedulled. Mr. Balanescu was amaizing! Mr Greenaway was superb!

Luis Bernardez, Argentina – Producer El Abrazo Partido/ Best Camera 2005